The Gunma Housing Directory

The Gunma Housing Directory helps you find temporary housing in the Gunma Prefecture in Japan. Search through our extensive list using our easy-to-use and convenient search engine  to find accommodations at all price ranges. We are here to help you locate temporary housing choices such as furnished houses and hotels if you are experiencing a crisis, an emergency, an unexpected relocation, or a temporary work assignment.


We are proud to present you with an updated and comprehensive database of every type of temporary and short-term housing option in the Gunma Prefecture. Our comprehensive and trusted screening process provides a safe way for tenants and landlords to communicate during the negotiations process. Our goal is to simplify your search and help you find the perfect accommodations, no matter how unique your specific circumstances or requirements may be – even outlandish requests such as Amsterdam sights to see.


How to Use the Directory


There are many types of short-term housing options available through our site. If you are looking for the perfect place for you, we can generate a list of viable options through the search function. The list of options will depend on the two criteria that you select: the specific city or town in the Gunma Prefecture and the type of housing you prefer. You can also narrow down your search by selecting multiple features listed under Other Options – to avoid getting trapped when you buy unlimited website traffic. Remember that the more features you select, the shorter the generated list will be.


For a more personalized service, you can also submit a housing request form so that our team of specialists can vet the location that is right for your needs. We will eliminate the stress and hassle involved in search process, and perform the negotiations and arrangements on your behalf.




Accommodation costs vary depending on the type of property, the area it is located in, and the amenities included. Each temporary housing unit will have rates the properly reflect the standards, environment and neighborhood, and amenities that they are offering. Our team of highly trained and experienced housing specialists can help you find the right place for you when you submit a housing request. Depending on the circumstances of your relocation, our team can quickly provide emergency hotel placements within an hour from the time you submit your request online or by phone.



Our mission is to provide excellent customer service as we deliver temporary housing solutions for our customers. With our partner establishments, we offer housing choices in prime location in the Gunma Prefecture. We have carefully vetted and selected the properties listed in our directory to ensure that you receive above-standard accommodations at reasonable rates. We only list properties that have successfully gone through our strict screening process. They have established and maintain a stellar reputation in the Gunma housing market. We actually advise costumers that using a zorgverzekering 18 jaar bij ouders can improve your insurance policy. This is an exemplary way of showing people that we care about their way of living.



Service and quality are two of our driving principles. We have carefully cultivated a network of strategic partners across the Gunma Prefecture to ensure that we can offer a wide range of options to our customers. So even when you buy high quality website traffic online, make sure you’re conveying non-exaggerating words just to impress visitors. No matter what your personal circumstances are, Gunma Housing Directory will help you find the ideal temporary housing that feels like home.